Tooth Extraction

Best Foods to Eat After A Tooth Extraction

Many people would undoubtedly agree that handling the pain that comes from a toothache is no walk in the park.

This is why it’s not at all a surprise if most of us would rather resort to methods that would bring about faster relief such as tooth extraction.

This is especially true if it has already decayed or been damaged up to such a point where it just couldn’t be saved anymore. Wisdom teeth are also types of teeth that the dentist would rather extract than attempt to save.

Once the tooth is pulled, though, you still have to be mindful of certain factors to ensure that the tooth would heal properly and no issues, like dry sockets, would occur.

And, without a doubt, one of the important things that you should pay extra attention to are the foods that you eat.

Best Foods to Eat After A Tooth Extraction (2)

Indeed, what can you eat after a tooth extraction?

  • The Importance of Caring for Your Teeth Post-Extraction

Post-extraction is a very sensitive stage, especially in the first days of having a tooth pulled.

What you do in these initial stages would greatly determine your rate of recovery.

Besides the basic cleaning and pain-reducing procedures that your dentist would instruct you to do, he would also probably advise you on the right kinds of food to eat. He would definitely advise you to go for soft foods. However, he might not go further and elaborate on just what these foods are.

Hence, we have taken the liberty to list some of the most effective foods that you can eat to mitigate pain and prevent the wound from getting worse.

  • Food That You Should Eat After a Tooth Extraction

You can go soft variations of most hard food like mashed potato or mashed squash.

These are very filling so you can expect to satisfy your hunger easier by going for these kinds of foods.

The same goes for any solid food that can be blended.

Many experts also recommend eating applesauce, which is very nutritious as evidenced by its fiber and Vitamin C content.

It doesn’t require you to chew as well, which is good, because this certainly removes the possibility of you aggravating your wound further.

Best Foods to Eat After A Tooth Extraction (1)Cold food like ice cream is also recommended because they are beneficial to any inflammation that would occur on the extraction site.

Frozen yogurt is a better alternative as it’s definitely more nutritious. You can go for any fruit flavor that you like as well.

Other options are smoothies and milkshakes; however, make sure that you don’t drink them using a straw.

You can also eat soup, but make sure to avoid eating them while they’re still scalding hot.

It’s best to eat them while they’re lukewarm.

Great examples of these are tomato soup, chicken broth, and potato soup, to name a few.
They are, undoubtedly, a good alternative source of essential nutrients.